Home Spring cleaning

We use carefully selected cleaning solutions, techniques equipment to professionally clean your home or apartment.Diamond Sparkle will professionally clean your home to ensure that after a day’s work you get back to a cozy space.

Wall and Floor Cleaning: Floors and walls are cleaned and where necessary machine buffed to ensure they are uniform, and free fromdirt, grit, debris, dust, removable discoloration and other stains.Our team of detail technicians analyze the type of floor your house is made of and use the safest and most cleaning methods possible. This is important because different types of floor require different treatment ie. terrazzo, ceramic, wooden, concrete, marble, laminate, vinyl etc – each needs special care and suitable cleaning techniques.

Kitchen Cleaning:We ensure appliances such as cookers, freezers,refrigerators, and microwaves are cleaned and disinfected.We clean and sanitize kitchen counter tops, shelves, cabinets, sinks,kitchen walls and floors to ensure the kitchen is free from dirt,dust, debris and other residue.

Vacuum carpet cleaning: Carpeted areas are vacuumed freeing themof all visible dirt, litter, debris and removable stain. We also apply our super -soft care technology to clean, shampoo and dry the carpet.

Store Cleaning: Our home storage rooms are common places wherepests breed; it is therefore important to keep the store room clean by cleaning the walls and dusting the ceiling to remove any cobwebs, scrubbing the floor and proper arrangement of stored items to ensure free air flow. Proper storage eliminates dampness and keeps the room well aerated and lit this in turn keeps the pest away.

Outdoor Cleaning: Diamond Sparkle will ensure that your compound is cleaned well, by scrubbing the veranda and other outdoor areasdepending on floor/surface type, discarding litter correctly and ensuring that all the drainage systems are unclogged